The status of an authority blogger is attractive for many reasons but one of the most powerful is the ability to help and influence people. Having a large following of people who hang on your every word can sound attractive but you may need more of a motivation than that if you are really going to work towards authority blogging.

It is important you know this right from the start because you will become frustrated and give up if you think you can make this work quickly. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy making money – especially if you do have your own products – but that may not be your main influence and to be honest people who chase money usually end up failing miserably.

At their peak authority bloggers

  • Influence opinions
  • Receive gifts from suppliers so they can test them for their audience
  • Have thousands of people who will take action based on their recommendation
  • Have a collection of loyal supports who value their opinion
  • Are sort after to speak at events

I am still on my journey towards becoming a high profile authority blogger and I have done everything I recommend you do here  and will give you real examples to prove it.

So let’s start with you knowing your big WHY!

When things get tough your WHY will keep you motivated and keep you going.

Back in 2007 my big WHY became

“My children, my partner, my laptop and living anywhere in the world thanks to my online business that provides me with a large regular monthly income information marketing, running workshops and speaking”

This is my long term 10 year goal. To be living anywhere in the world, open up my laptop and be able to run my business.

That ends in 2017 – seems a long way off but I know how fast that will fly by because in 1991 I gave birth to a baby girl who in a few weeks will be 18 and I have no idea where those 18 years went too!

Breaking down your big WHY

To break down my WHY I have the following medium term goals

By 2014 to be living aboard for 6 out of 12 months

By 2012 to have 80% of my income from affiliate sales and information products only

By 2010 to have sold my house and be working towards building cash reserves and paying back creditors.
To enjoy a regular income of £8,000 (approx $15,000) OR MORE on a regular and consistent basis from my online work only

Right now my focus isn’t on 2012 or 2014 but on 2010 – to ensure I am earning a regular and consistent monthly income online.
Once I hit that target I will then begin to focus on ensuring that 80% of that income is from the products and training I run online and less offline consultancy/training and once I have achieved that I can look at living aboard.

Of course this could all happen much faster and I remain open to that being the case and for now will continue to work towards this plan.

I know that one day I will be creating a video from breath taking views around the world and broadcasting to my online webinar of hundreds of people – even if right now my webinar only contains 10 people!

We all have to start someplace and the place to start is with your big WHY

So please give yourself some time off, go someplace that relaxes you and think about your desire. Allow your imagination to create what you most want to see in your reality.

All dreams start with imagination before becoming a reality.