If you are thinking about how to start a blog I want to encourage you to start it on the right footing by finding great niche keywords. You hear a lot about niche marketing online. All that means is to find a little sub section in a market, one that has decent amount of interest but not much competition and fly under the radar. To do that, you will need to find niche keywords for that niche market.

There are many great markets you can make money in online. But you will save yourself a lot of time and effort if you don’t try to go toe to toe with the ‘big boys’.

For example, lets say you want to make money in the dog training market, which is an extremely competitive market. Why make your life harder than it needs to be by trying to go straight on against millions of competitors? That’s just silly.

Instead, why not find a ‘little’ sub section of that market where there will be much less competition but still enough interest for you to make a very nice living (and remember, this is just one blog. You can repeat this method as many times as you want and have dozens of niche blogs all helping you to make money blogging).

So, instead of focusing on such a broad term as dog training, why not find a niche that targets “training your puppy” Or how about “dog training for poodles” See what I mean, you are still in the dog training market but you are targeting a more precise sub section of the market instead of trying to throw a net over the whole ocean.

Doing this will make it so much easier to make money blogging. It will just make your life so much simpler and you can find a great list of highly targeted keywords that you can rank for a lot more easily than you would if you went with the broad dog training terms. In fact you could start a dog training blog for all the different breeds of dogs you can think of and even use the same blog posts just re-writing them a little and including the information of the dog breed. You don’t want to have information on training your great dane on your poodle training blog!

To find highly targeted keywords for your niche all you have to do is to use the free Google Keyword Tool online. Start by entering a broad search term related to your niche, say dog training for poodles. The tool will give you a list of up to two hundred variations of that keyword.

Some of the variations will work, some won’t. But it will give you a great place to start. From there you can drill down even further until you have a nice big keyword list to work from.

You also want to make sure that the keywords you choose are highly relevant to your website. Don’t choose a bunch of keywords that have a high monthly search volume if they are not highly relevant to what your website is all about. The traffic that you get won’t be very targeted and your conversions will suffer.

Finding great niche keywords is one of the most important tasks you can master to have a successful online business. Good keywords may take some time to find but when you do they are like money in the bank. Use the free tools online or invest in some down loadable software, it’s up to you. Just make sure you know what you need to look for and the difference between a good keyword and a not so good keyword.

If you want to make a serious online career out of building niche blogs you will need more than a free keyword tool and that is when you start looking at more advance tools that you have to pay for and you want to make sure you buy the right domain name too – this is what leads to success with niche blogging. Great keywords, a keyword rich domain and content that matches them both.