Can you see the difference between them? As a blogger this is a huge mindset shift that you will need to make if you are going to see yourself as a professional blog business and my aim by the end of this chapter is to not only plant that seed but to have it rooted and sprouting!

When you are the marketer you are busy creating services and products for people that you serve. When you are being marketed to you are constantly buying products, many of which end up on your hard drive unread and unused. You constantly buy and learn in the hope/belief that all that buying is what builds your business but it isn’t, it is taking action on what you learn from all of those products that matter.

Many of us in the online business industry have products that we bought and never used, it is an occupational hazard and one that I am as guilty of as anyone else. Nothing changed for me until I realised that it was time to slow down on the buying and start providing a service that people will want to pay for.

I still buy – I see investing in myself and my business as essential – but I am now selective in my purchases. I don’t buy every new product launch that comes out and I look at how a product fits into my overall business strategy before I get the credit card out.

Are you able to run an online blog business?

That is the very first question you need to ask yourself, not are you capable, but are you able to? Do you have the right mindset to keep you going during tough times or are you likely to fall at the first hurdle and give up?

The best online business owners who make the adjustment of becoming marketers are entrepreneurs. “Creative rebels with a cause” is the name entrepreneur expert Manfred Kets de Vries has given us.

If you are currently running a business offline then you may already recognize yourself as an entrepreneur but if you are currently in a job and looking for a way out seeing yourself as an entrepreneur may be the very thing that motivates you towards getting started.

During my time studying management we focused a lot on entrepreneurs and how they think, feel and behave. If you can recognise yourself in any of these descriptions then you can put yourself firmly in the entrepreneurial box!
Entrepreneurs have a real need for control, they will see authority figures and structure as limiting maybe even stifling and will feel a real sense of wanting to “do their own thing”

As an entrepreneur you will have a real desire to be heard, recognised, accepted or maybe all three! You will want to be a “rockstar” be the “hero” or be adored/praised by your audience (most bloggers have narcissistic tendencies to a lesser or greater degree. I’ve embraced mine! 😀 )

  • Entrepreneurs understand the importance of the “one to many” mindset which means selling your services/products to many rather than an individual. They will recognise the importance of leverage, especially leveraging their time to impact many at the same time rather than one.
  • You are full of ideas that you want to share with the world. In fact you will have more ideas than you will know what to do with (more on that later!)
  • Depending on how much personal development you have undertaken you will either feel the need to control and be suspicious to the point of driving people away or you will easily let go and allow the entrepreneurial spirit in the people around you fly free.
  • The personal attributes of an entrepreneur include creativity, self reliance, self motivated, self confident, leadership. You will posses all of these to a lesser or greater degree.
  • Entrepreneurship is more than just a set of concepts and theories it focuses on our desire to make a difference, to change something that isn’t working, to empower people through our message. Money may not always be your driving force but you will understand the importance of it and the need to earn it.

Will you be making money or earning an income?

Remember the million and penny analogy at the beginning? Well this is where it comes into play again. Online there are two camps – those who set out to make money in as many niches as they can, going where the “hot products” are and making money before moving on to the next product.

In the other camp are those that want to build a reputation, build a business, provide a valuable service and earn an income from the work they do. We still focus on “what’s hot” but are more inclined to promote products that fit into the work that we do.

The first camp may have a number of different adsense blogs, blogs that sell affiliate products and a mixture of different blogs in different niches.

The second camp will have a business product or a service, they will want to be known for delivering that service and will focus on building a business and strategic planning.  Being online means there are procedures that can be automated so that it can run without you being there and your focus will be developing your system from beginning to end so that it runs effectively without you.
The first camp will just want to sell something so they can make money, the second camp will recognize the need to build a list as the foundation of their blog business.

Neither one is better than the other, they both work. It is my personal opinion that being in the second camp is harder work and takes longer because you need to get people to know like and trust you but it is far more satisfying. What you need to do is recognize which one you are in (or choose if you are in neither) because it will have an impact when you come to look at building your vision and focusing on what you want to achieve.

I know affiliate marketers who have sites up that sell a thousand dollars worth of products a week, their name is no where to be found on the site, not even an about page. They simply review three products and ask people to choose. The know like and trust factor may come from their review, which is why it works but it really isn’t always necessarily to be a face behind a business if that resonates with you.

I started off in the first camp because I came online and everyone kept inviting me to buy stuff (which I happily did!), I joined 30 or more email lists and listened to all the different ideas of these marketers who convinced me their product would finally be THE ONE that will help me make money. The result of that was a couple of maxed out credit cards!

It was a conversation that started with the question “what would you do differently if you were starting again” that made me realise I am already qualified in a number of areas and all I really need to do is build my reputation in providing a service for what I do best – mentoring/coaching/writing.

It was at that point that I began to re-evaluate what I was doing and how it fitted into what I actually wanted to do.

So let me save you some heartache. Decide which camp you are in and focus your vision on that. It doesn’t mean you are there forever or that you can’t change camps, you may even find that eventually you have a mixture of the two in your business, but if you try being in both at once and doing neither of them particularly well you will end up in a mess.

It takes a lot of effort to successfully run one blog on its own if you include all the marketing you need to do. It is a full time job if you are doing it correctly, so you want to make sure that all the work is heading you towards your purpose of either making money or earning a living.

Today I can resist the biggest, fattest, chocolate-covered offer dripping with opportunity and promises galore.  Because I am on my path.  And nothing is going to steer me away. Jack Humphrey Blog Success

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