Myth Number 7 :

If I Start A Blog I Can Make Money Quickly

This myth is not just about blogging but about the internet as a whole. Many people believe that they can put something up and make a fortune, others chase every new product that comes out moving from one thing to another (I did that one!) and plenty of people start and never achieve their dream.
People email me asking how long I expect them to make money if they start blogging. Other people just want to know how to make money.
Blogging needs one thing to attract readers and that is integrity and value. If you are not providing value people will not return. When your mindset is on money (and a lack of it) you will not be focusing on how to give people what they want so your blog will not succeed.
You have to have the mindset of running a BUSINESS not just making money. As a life coach and speaking your blog can provide you with years of income and may even get you a lump sum if you decided to sell it. Your blog is your virtual real estate and like regular real estate you can look after and improve it, ensuring the value increases with each passing year or you can use it to run a whore house!
The outcome you get will be very different!

Mindset Shift

Running an online business takes desire – the desire to succeed no matter what.

If you are coaching full time that means finding the time to blog when you get home from work and do all the other things you have to get done. No excuses about a lack of time – you just do it!

If you are not familiar with how to use a computer or if you are a techno-phobic who is not confident with using the internet that means taking the time to learn so you can do more, or being willing to pay someone else

If you are looking to build your reputation to help you sell your business it will take some time – there is no magical time frame – some people blog for 3 months and take on new clients others blog for 3 years and get nothing.

How quickly your blog begins to produce an income for you is dependent on a number of factors (all of which you will learn here!) but the one thing I know for sure is when you learn how to earn online you get there much quicker.

With a vision, the correct research and the right mindset your blog will become a gold mine that you can keep forever or sell for a huge profit years from now.

Most of the online marketers who are well known now have been online for many years.

Michael Cheney – From what I know of his story it took him 10 years before he finally enjoyed a large income from the internet

Eban Page – In a video I watched he said it took him 10-15 years – he was lucky enough to start in his 20s!

Dr Mani – Another information product writer. I remember reading a report of his when I first started that said expect to wait 7-10 years to really see MASSIVE results.

Maybe the newer people online like Frank Kern might help things along. His Mass Control product has a disk that will show people how to create a 4 day cash machine. Perhaps in the future with the help of all these experts life coaches and speakers will get online and 4 days later will be withdrawing money from their own cash machine!

Nice thought 🙂

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