Blog Series : The mindset of a blogger : Part 1
mindset of a blogger
Believe it or not despite being part of the rar-rar human potential movement, you can do it if you believe it crowd when I talk about mindset I am not focusing here on being positive and believing in your ability to achieve.

Is that important? Absolutely and even if you can’t believe that you can achieve I would encourage you to at least not DISBELIVE IT! It really isn’t necessary to believe in yourself (again it really does help if you do) but it is essential that you don’t disbelieve and put yourself down.

Now that’s the rar-rar bit out the way 🙂

The mindset I am talking about here is different. Let me start with an example

If you live in a busy city like London or New York and you decide one day to pack up and move to the country there is an adjustment that needs to be made. In the country you probably won’t be able to get instant access to everything you want, the pace of life will be slower and people won’t be in a rush to fulfil your every need. If you are used to getting up and going out for Chinese at 11pm chances are in the country you won’t be able to do that. At 11pm most people will be in bed (or falling out of the pub if you are in London!)

You will need a mindset shift to cope with this change.
The way your life was living in the city has completely changed and you will need to learn how to adjust your way of thinking to fit into this new lifestyle.

So it is with running your blog business, you are about to run A BUSINESS and that is the first thing you need to adjust your mindset on. This isn’t a hobby or something you do for fun, (if it is then you really don’t need to read this!) you are looking to earn a full time wage, hopefully in the 5-6 figure income bracket or more and you will need to begin thinking less like a “regular blogger” and more like a business owner.

Here are a few mindset shifts you will need (which of course I will be writing about)
You need to learn how to become the marketer rather than being marketed to all the time – You need to change your mindset from constantly buying to working towards marketing and selling what you are offering.  You also need to focus your attention on marketing and having a marketing strategy.

Planning your business – I don’t mean a great big 40 page business plan full of useless numbers that are all guess work. I am talking here about a strategy that covers what you will offer based on the skills you have (or can pay for) and your overall vision for yourself. What your desire is. It is that desire that will keep you going when things become challenging (and it will)
Research. Stop thinking you know what people want and be humble. You really have no clue what I want, need or desire but there are places on the internet where you can find out and based on that research you can then create something that will give me exactly what I need.

Positioning. You need to know where you fit it and how in relation to your competition. I believe in being individual and unique so there is no one like me. No one can do what I do the way I do it, but I do recognise the need to know where I fit in with everyone else offering what I do. Am I cheaper, more expensive? Do I offer more support or give more products away? What is my position in relation to those who offer a similar service? You need to know this. It is an essential marketing key.
Once you know all of that you can go out and attract your idea customer to you and once you have them you need to look at how you can service their needs from cradle to grave (for want of a better expression!) Sometimes it is easy to spend all our time and energy focusing on bringing in new clients when all you really need to do is focus in on the ones we already have and sell them more of what we offer.

Let’s stop and look at a great example of this. Are you familiar with the life strategist Anthony Robbins? If you aren’t you can look him up.

  • He offers a free book called “Notes from a friend” – or at least when I got myself a copy it was free. If it isn’t anymore it is low cost ($5-7)
  • After reading that if you love what he has to say you are more likely to buy his book $17-30
  • His audio programs are next at $67-197
  • Then you might want to attend his basic weekend training $3-400
  • From there you go on to his more advanced training until you reach his top quality training sessions in Hawaii at over $10,000 for a weekend course.

One person can go all the way up his product ladder (and many thousands do!) the higher people climb the more people drop off until you have a core group that are at the very top and will book absolutely anything he produces no matter what the price.

Looking after the customers that have and/or will buy from you rather than constantly chasing new ones is an important mindset to develop and I will be going deeper into this area.

A changing global climate

Change is about the only thing we can rely on. Things change, markets change, global economies change. 20 years ago blogging didn’t exist like it does now and selling online was a totally different animal!

In the book Entrepreneurship by David A Kirkby says

“While globalization and the interdependence of markets have been recognized increasingly in recent years, it has also become apparent that we can no longer rely upon ‘they’. Whether ‘they’ are wealthy nations of the world, the state or large firms, we cannot rely on them to provide us with our wealth, our jobs, our homes, our healthcare etc. Increasingly, we are having to rely on ourselves……”
“Within individuals, communities, organizations and societies we need to develop a greater sense of enterprise and self help. We need people who see opportunity, create and build, initiate and achieve”

The internet provides us all with an opportunity to “create and build, initiate and achieve” if we are willing to go through the journey of making it happen. This is not a journey for everyone and many more give up than succeed.

You are now in business and you need to get to grips with all the things it takes to run a successful blog business. I don’t believe for one moment I have all the answers, I can only provide you with the answers that helped me get to where I am on my journey in the hope that they help you too.
And with that said, in part 2 we will take a look at whether this is a journey you are ready to take!