List building for bloggers is an important task and one that many bloggers fail to do. The job of writing on their blog is enough without having to consider writing for the purposes of an email list using an ezine or free course. Even if a free ebook or report is given away as a way to build a list it is important that continuing communication is established in order to build a relationship.

To avoid the terror of thinking about what to say it might help if you first think about what it is you want to tell your list. It will end up being very similar to the message that you are putting out on your blog so it shouldn’t be that difficult to go from one to the other.

Many bloggers save themselves from having to write an ezine to their list by simply sending through their latest blog post or grouping together a selection of blog posts for the week and sending that out. While this is a great way for a blogger to build a list it isn’t always a great way to keep them because let’s face it, if all you ever send through is your blog post then why do they need to stay on your list?

List building is all about providing content that can’t be found anywhere else, being a subscriber should be an experience of being part of a private club that only those who have taken the time to register enjoy. You need to create a space of exclusivity for your subscriber so they see the value in staying. This cannot be achieved if all you ever do is send out links to your latest blog. Of course you can include that in your newsletter because it will be helpful for people who may miss a post and plus it has the added benefit of driving traffic back to your blog but you must also ensure you take the time to provide more than just what is already out there.

By focusing on what you want to tell your subscribers you will find that developing a weekly message becomes easier for you because your focus is on what they need to know rather than panicking about what you need to say. It will also help to keep your message solution focused because you will not only be focused on what you want to say but also what you want them to get out of reading your message and what you want them to do once they have read your message.

List building is something all bloggers should seriously consider because while your blog can be used to help you make money blogging, having an email list and a system of how to profit from that list is what will build you an online business.