There are a number of different definitions when it comes to explaining what Positioning is but put simply and relating it to blogging it will be your blogs position in relation to your competitors. How your readers see you compared to someone else who writes on the same topic.

So if  I position myself next to Oprah or Dr Phil I don’t really stand out as being able to touch them (right now 🙂 ) in the personal development world but if I position myself next to someone who has only qualified as a life coach because I have 10 years experience already my positioning grows stronger.

That means if you come across two blogs writing on the same topic – one writer who has been around for 10 years and the other one just getting started chances are you are more likely to want to listen to the 10 year “veteran” than you would the newbie!

Positioning is a concept in marketing which was first popularized by Al Ries and Jack Trout in their bestseller book ” Positioning – a battle for your mind“.  Positioning from your target market point of view is all about perception and who they believe you are based on what you tell them. So a relative newbie could come in making wild claims and look as if they have been around for years simply from what they write, which makes it possible for them to compete in the same market as a 10-year old veteran.  You can positively influence the perceptions of the people you are reaching out to based on the way your write, speak and promote yourself.

If you are relatively new to blogging but have 10 years offline running workshops in public speaking you will be able to come online and position yourself as an authority and expert based on what you know and how you present yourself.  When I mentor clients I encourage them to add posts to their blog based on the time they were written rather than the day they set their blog up. If they wrote an excellent article 5 years ago then they should save that date on their blog. I do not see this as being dishonest or trying to trick anyone because it was in fact written some time ago and they need to show people they have a strong history and position in their niche.

How do you position your blog?

To position yourself you need to focus on who else is in your market – commonly known as competitors  – and what you provide in relation to them.

For example if they are low on price will you focus on quality and service?

What do you want to be known for and how will you make sure you stand out?

The blogosphere is filled with millions of blogs with thousands being started on a daily basis and your blog is one of them.

People have more choice than ever before and are bombarded daily with messages that land in their inbox.  With all these blogs and all that inbox “noise” how will you make sure you stand out in the crowd?

What will you do to ensure your blog is the one people decide to subscribe too and read?

It is great to blog, and if you spent your time adding a blog post every day then years from now you will be noticed – but do you want to wait years? By making yourself different right from the start you stand a much better chance of getting noticed quickly.

And it’s not only how you stand out but what you say and how you say it that counts. People will come to know you for something and you have an opportunity to decide what it is they will know you for.

If I say problogger do you know who he is? If you do what’s he known for?
What about Jack Humphrey – what’s Jack known for?

The answers to those questions will vary depending on your experience but they will have a reputation online based on what they blog about.

For me problogger is all about how to become a professional blogger with great indepth posts about what to do and sometimes how to do it.

Jack is about great ways to get traffic to your blog and build your blog business. He is also known to be a great guy that people trust (never under estimate the importance of that – it may not pay the bills but the word of mouth marketing is priceless – so in a way it does indirectly pay the bills!)

I am known for my integrity and commitment to the people I serve in my niches and as I begin to play with video I also want to be known for producing videos that make the most difficult topics easy to understand.

Deciding What You Want To Be Known For

Now it’s your turn. To get the power of positioning right you need to know what you want to be known for in relation to your blog and the other blogs in your niche and why is it important?

There is no magic pill for this. It is a case of defining and re-defining what your blog represents. Like Madonna who is always reinventing herself you may start one way before shifting and changing into something else. It is all part of the journey towards helping you stand out.

The best way to begin this journey is to take a look at the top people in your niche/industry/field.

  • What are they doing?
  • What do they offer?
  • How can you improve on what they do/offer?
  • How can you make it different?
  • How do they earn their income? (from what you can see on their blog)
  • Compare one site to another. Which one do you prefer? Why?
  • Is there anything missing from what they both do that you can offer?

Spend the time looking through blogs, searching out what others in your niche and very similar niches are doing. I get some of my best inspiration to write a blog post from visiting other blogs, headlines I see at another site (I never copy anything but it sparks a different angle that I can take.) I even get inspiration from answering blog posts in the forums.

What you are looking to decide here is are you going to be the controversial blog or the blog that can see both sides? Will you be the blog with a constant flow of free teleseminars and replays plus live events or will you be the blog that provides audio and video.

There is nothing wrong with doing a little bit of everything because it increases value for your clients but it is good to be known for something.

I knew I had managed to secure my positioning when I read something over and over again that people say about me. I am the person willing to share her knowledge. It is important that people get that because I really am! Now if someone wants the knowledge that I have they will seek me out first, get to know me and in many cases become a customer and/or client.

There is no rush to define yourself immediately if you are just starting out and if you are an established blogger you may need to change direction or decide whether you drop something or start something new but it will be worth it.

What you are looking to do here is invade the mind of your potential customers so that if they are thinking about how to do something they think of you, if they want to recommend a particular service to a friend they recommend you. If you want them to buy a product based on what you recommend they trust you enough to go ahead and buy it.

During a recession you can easily see those businesses who have thought about their positioning and those that haven’t. The ones who focus on providing value, reaching out, building their authority and positioning themselves so that their past, current and potential customers know they are available for them are the ones who survive.  With the increased use of web 2.0 your position as it relates to other blogs is even more important.

Now you have your positioning in place you need to think about building your authority <== click the link

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