On Monday Mike Koenigs from Traffic Geyser ran an amazing 90 minute webinar for Blog Success members. Something he said resonated with me and made me realize how this fits in with blogging too and the steps you need to make money blogging.

Mike said in order to market successfully online (and in order to make money blogging) people need to know you…..

  • They need to know who you are
  • They need to know about you
  • They need to be able to find you
  • They need to hear from you
  • They need to trust you
  • They need to respect you…..

Before they will buy from you!

If your marketing does not work it is because you ask for the sale before you build rapport.  If you do this out of order it doesn’t work well.

They need to know who you are

How easy do you make it for people to get to know you?  Can they connect with you on other sites around the web? How do you help people get to know who you are?

They need to know about you

The events you attend or speak at, the work you do for others not just the stuff you do for yourself.  Is your photo available on your blog, do you have an up to date “about me” page that gives them an insight into what you are about?

They need to be able to find you

If people added your name into the search engines will they be able to find you and relating it to the first two will they know about you and what you do?

They need to hear from you

Are you list building? Are you giving people an opportunity to get to know you through your messages? Can they attend your teleseminars, listen to your audios and videos? How can people hear from you?

They need to trust and respect you

Trust and respect grows over time and is never something you can hurry. The more valuable information you put out on the internet and the more you take time to develop in your niche as an authority blogger the more likely you are to make money blogging.

All of this has to happen BEFORE they will buy from you  and this is such a valuable lesson for new comers to blogging who rush online because they have read about another blogger earning six figures a year. Isn’t that half the problem with what happens online? People are so fixed on how to make money blogging that they miss out how to be a contribution to people by sharing what they know.

Of course you want to earn a living too so you share enough to make people curious enough to sign up to hear from you before promoting your own product/services. There is a system to making all of this happen and none of it happens over night – it slowly builds like a snowball rolling down the hill until it becomes an unstoppable force that just keeps on growing!

Spend time marketing your blog and following the steps you need to make money blogging – see what difference that makes to your blog and your business and as always your comments / suggestions / opinions are valued.