There are a number of online marketing strategies that will help you attract the attention of local people who are searching for a product and/or service from within your local area. The key is knowing which will work best for you based on time and expertise.

When it comes to anything related to promoting your business online you really should leave it to the professionals. Many small business owners can waste hours trying to figure things out.

Here are three online marketing strategies to help you find customers online for your local business. They are all really useful for any local business and are fairly straightforward to take part in once you get yourself into a routine.
Getting started is usually the biggest stumbling block for any business and if you don’t have the time outsourcing this work is the best way to go.

Video marketing
A great way to reach out to people and share what you know. You can create video testimonials from your customers, take people round your shop. If you are an expert like a plumber why not make videos that show people how to change a washer – chances are they will want you to do it for them. If they don’t they will still remember how you helped. So you benefit whichever way it goes.

People are not looking for perfection when you make videos (most of the time!), they want information that will help them and when you can provide that they listen. You will also find they will get in touch too.

Article writing
It is important your website is full of useful information. Depending on what your local business does it may be worth constantly updating your blog but for many a large number of well written (and optimised) articles will ensure you get found over and over again.

While many small business owners will complain that they don’t have the time to sit and write it is important that you understand what writing provides. It provides access to potential new customers. It gives you an opportunity to impress a potential customer. So many of my clients are surprised by the enquiries they receive once they get into creating articles for their blog.
Not only do potential customers get in touch but so do the media. The media are always looking for professionals to interview and to answer questions. The only way they can decide on whether you are someone worth contacting is if they can read the information you share on your blog.

Start a business blog
You need to start a business blog if you don’t already have one because it is a great way to attract attention quickly.  I recommend you buy a domain, buy yourself some hosting and add a WordPress blog rather than start a free one. It always looks far more professional when you own your own domain and matching email address.

So there you have it, three online marketing strategies to help you find customers online using video, articles and a business blog.