If you make your own products and you want to be successful at it one of the things you must be willing to do is take action on a regular and consistent basis.

If you want to make money by creating and giving away or selling small reports and booklets there are three words that you MUST avoid at all cost and they are

“Do It Later!”

If you are busy putting things off and thinking you will get round to it later then I promise you the chances are you just won’t!

If you have had a great idea for a free booklet or small report then write it down and begin researching immediately for if it is worth writing about. What happens if you “do it later” ???

  • You might completely forget what the report was going to be about and it becomes a lost opportunity
  • You will write it down in a book of ideas but never take it further
  • You will scrible it down on a piece of paper and then misplace the paper

To be honest as we are talking about reports that only need to be 7-10 pages long if you can sit and finish it that is your best option.

You don’t have to sit and immediately type up a small report every time you get an idea but it is at least worth getting started on it. Do some research, look for people who are searching for that topic and if it seems worth going after write a title and a brief paragraph or two about what it will cover.  The act of starting it means you can go back to it later if you really have to!

Some of the ways you can beat your “do it later” attitude :

  • As I mentioned, you can sit and just finish it
  • You can start it and then write in your diary/date book that you need to get back to it
  • You can ask someone else to write it (if you outsource)
  • You can get a graphic made for the cover (sometimes having that sent to you reminds you to get it written)

The “do it later” attitude will kill your information marketing business and you want to become a “let me get this down now!” person as often as you can or at least make provisions for ensuring you have a system in place to finish it off.

As you begin to make your own products it may take you a while from idea to finish product but the more you do it the faster you get at it until eventually you can write a 17 page booklet within a few hours.  For great help on how to make money on the internet using short reports check out “Small Report Fortunes