Yesterday I had a business blog strategy session with a client who is struggling to get new clients from her blog – I told her “you can transform your business blog in 21 days!” – that got her attention.

Are you familiar with the book  Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr Maxwell Maltz? If you are not I recommend it as a great read. You might be more familiar with the saying that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Well it was thanks to Dr Maltz that this self improvement method came about. He was a plastic surgeon who discovered that his patients recovered better and gained confidence when he worked with them for 21 days after surgery. He later discovered if he focused on working with patients on improving their confidence before surgery that some people no longer needed it.

So, how do you relate this to your local business blog?

Well in order for your new habit to form you have to blog  15 minutes for 21 consecutive days. If you miss a day you have to start again from day one. It is important that you blog at the same time over those 21 days so pick a time when you know you can do this.

You want to involve as many of your senses as you can. Your touch is easy because you will be typing, your ears will hear the sound of your keyword and you can drink a healthy cup of herbal tea as you type (the same flavour for 21 days) or a cup of coffee/tea if that is more to your taste.

Perform the same routine. Let’s say you choose 7am every morning for 21 days.

Before Starting Your New Blog Routine

Make your blog login page your browser homepage so as soon as you open up Chrome (or firefox or internet explorer) you can log straight in to your blog.

Spend time thinking of 21 things you can write about. Do your keyword research so you have a rough idea on what to focus on. Maybe you could blog about 21 ways to do something and write a new post every day for 21 days. Or if you run a travel business blog – 21 destinations you must see before you die and then create an introductory blog post and write about a new country every day.

[how to blog tip : make sure you link the title of each of those blog posts on your introductory blog post every time you write a new one]

Get Started With Your 21 Day Business Blogging Routine

At 7am each morning  go over to your computer and switch it on

While it is booting up go make your herbal tea (coffee/tea)

Come back to your desk and open up your browser. Resist the temptation to read emails or log on to Facebook! Log in to your blog and write your first blog post based on the list of possible topics you have already researched.

Then every day for the next 20 days after that first one continue to blog. In fact play it safe by calling it “30 destinations to see….” and by the time you get yourself to day 30 you will have a brand new blogging habit, your blog will have loads of great content on it. You will be promoting your business at the end of each post (or every other post – very important) and you will notice an increase in the amount of traffic you receive.

That is how you transform your business blog in 21 days – try it for 90 days and you will find your blog generates a large number of potential business leads for you. Just make sure your blog is set up for people to get in touch and make it easy for people to know how to find you.

Do you think this will work for your business blog? What will you write about? Let me know