Before we get into the process of writing anything it is important you take some time to look at why you are writing an eBook, who you are writing it for and what you want your eBook to achieve – what is it’s ultimate goal?

  • Are you hoping to attract new clients?
  • Introduce people to your business?
  • Is your eBook part of a bigger purpose and is the first step into your sales funnel?

You need to understand the outcome you want your eBook to achieve if you are going to understand whether you achieved it or not.

Brainstorm potential ideas

You are already an expert running your business so sit and think about the services and products you offer in your business.

For example if you provide support with sleeping problems an ebook that describes the 10 symptoms of sleep problems and how to help yourself overcome them might make a great eBook for your business.

If you are focusing in on your customer when you create your eBook what solution will you provide? What problem will you solve?

Take the time to really sit down and think about this because it will help you come up with the best ideas.

Get yourself a piece of paper and lock the door for a couple of hours and even just writing down potential ideas for your eBook.  Play a game that anything goes for now so you don’t censor what you are writing.

Focus on your passion

If you are going to write an eBook based on something you are passionate about then that is a great way to start but you still need to do your research and make sure that people are searching online for what you are about to offer.

If you create an eBook on how to help your cat overcome fear and no one is searching for “fear in cats” or “help my cat overcome fear” then no matter how passionate you might be about it you just won’t sell any.

I may talk about selling eBooks but even if you are giving it away the process is the same. You want potential customers to find it and so you need to focus yourself on who is searching.

[NOTE: By the way if you are someone who struggles with what to write on a blog then this will help you too! When you research what the problem is you soon find a solution to blog about!]

The other reason I recommend you find a market you are passionate about is because things will get tough – believe me, when you first start out and you make zero pounds (dollar, zen, etc) in your first few weeks being passionate about the topic will keep you working on marketing your eBook so you don’t give up

Getting Foot Traffic To Your Local Business

If you are writing an eBook in an effort to get “foot traffic” through your door – people who find it online and who call up to book an appointment and attend your clinic offline – then you need to make sure you mention that when you market your eBook so that gets picked up by the search engines.

Researching your eBook: You sell eBooks when you know who you are selling too

If you are naive enough to believe that “everyone is my market” let me stop you there and get you to focus on something.

I want you to think about the last time you used a tissue to blow your nose. Did you use a mansize tissue, a pretty pink tissue, a winnie the pooh tissue? Even Kleenex recognises that while they can sell tissues to everyone they stand a much better chance when they NICHE.

It will also help you market your eBook if you know who your intended audience is. That doesn’t mean you can’t have different eBooks under the same banner. Are you familiar with the Chicken Soup For The Soul books? How many different ones are there now?

  • for the teenage soul
  • for the African American soul
  • for the women’s soul
  • for the lover’s soul….!

There are so many different ones all under the “chicken soup for the soul” brand… if you believe you can market to everyone then by all means do it that way but don’t try to lump everyone under one banner.

I was watching The Apprentice and Lord Sugar set the task to make dog food and cat food. What did the dog food team do? Come up with on dog food for all brands (against the advice of experts in the field!) – they lost of course and were told their plan is flawed because people believe their dog is special not like everyone else. No dog food for all dogs will just not work and neither will one eBook created for all people.

You need to reach out to a particular market and after you reach out to them if you want to reach out to other people by all means do that.