Building an authority blog and being an authority/leading expert in your field takes time – no one will deny that. For professionals offline looking to bring their expertise online it is a little easier because they already have an audience and that can help but overall it takes time to establish yourself.  So it really helps if you have income from your offline business coming in or you have income from some other source if you are looking to become an authority because you could be waiting years (something I always knew!)

I once spoke to a number of people who made claims about their income from full time blogging and yes it DEFINITELY is possible to get into the 5-6 or even 7 figure monthly income but what most of them miss out – or perhaps they say it and we unconciously block it out – is the time it can take to get there.

Dr Mani was one of the first online people who alerted me to the fact that it could take close to 10 years – but I didn’t want to limit myself by believing that and instead wanted to earn a good living (£15,000 – approx $28,000) a month after 5 years – I started online in 2005 but set that goal in 2007.  I have 3 years to go and I am close to half way. The recession really slowed things down with my freelance income but opened me up to looking deeper into affiliate marketing as the cheques kept coming in anyway!!!
I never want to estimate how long it will take you to reach your income goals because the internet is full of surprises. Take Jason Gazaway from Bloggers Payback who has said he made $202,000 in 9 months! He is promising you can make $30k a month 15 minutes a day. Now is that intantly or after years of trying???   Just reading the sales page and his story is worth checking out!

When I was told about his story it really got me thinking about setting up loads of sites selling affiliate products. I did it in the past and it took away my focus from authority building on to just making money – but heck – if you have bills to pay and you are eating into a pension or redundancy package why not make your income first, stabilise, and then focus on your authority.

Yes you can build both but if you are starting out it helps to focus on one only until you have found your groove or you will find yourself overwhelmed and unable to cope.

During this recession that we are coming out of now (at least in the UK)  it was affiliate marketing that kept my income going when my freelance work stopped. The thing I didn’t want to manage is 3,000 sites again, although this time I am more clued up about outsourcing – back in 2006 it wasn’t a popular topic and I had no clue!

The thought of owning thousands of domains still fills me with panic LOL but the idea is you have a bunch of low paying blogs that together build an income for you. For example 1,000 blogs paying $10 each every month earns you $10,000 (I like to keep my math simple 🙂 ) – I personally prefer 10 blogs earning me $1,000 each month, but that’s just me!

To be honest even as I type this the thought fills me with dread but it may actually excite you! There is so much PLR content out there now that this would be a simple thing to achieve with some careful planning of your blog content so it is released slowly every day, but your hosting and domains cost would be huge (of course you could set up some on free blog platforms too to save on hosting).

Blog Flipping

The great thing about starting blogs that you can build into an income geneator is that you can eventually sell them if you want to, so once owning thousands of sites gets too much for you or you want to settle down to something different you can also consider selling your site and earning an income that way.

Jason does go into Blog Flipping in Bloggers Payback (yes, curiousity got the better of me – and I will review it at some time) and that will help you learn how to create a blog that you will eventually sell because there is a lot to consider. I have sold blogs that don’t make money simply because people don’t want to go through the setting up phase! Set it up, add some content, get some traffic going and there is someone who will happily buy it, you won’t earn as much as you will if it is earning an income but if you get yourself into a routine/system it can be worth doing too.