A WordPress Plugin is a piece of software that enhance and extend the capabilities of your wordPress website. Most of them are free but you can also buy plugins too.
Examples include:

  • viper video plugin that allows you to add video to your blog post
  • All in one seo pack – helping you get search engine optimisation right
  • Gravity forms – allowing you to create forms that you can add to your WordPress website
  • TablePress – a great WordPress plugin that will let you add tables to your pages

An easy way to explain a plugin is to get you to think about your mobile phone, it contains apps, without apps your phone is great. You can make and receive calls/text messages. However with apps you extend and enhance the capabilities of your mobile phone – making using it more of a pleasure.

How many plugins
Depending on the kind of hosting you have you must be careful with how many plugins you have on your site because there are many thousands available. If you add too many it will slow down your website so be careful with what you add.
Also ensure you keep them up to date because old plugins can cause problems for your site should they stop working properly.
Important plugins to add to your WordPress website:

All in one SEO WordPress plugin – as mentioned above this plugin will help you add search engine optimisation capabilities to your site. Its a good idea to use a plugin because if you use your theme (most themes include SEO capabilities) and then decide to change themes you will have to start all over again.

Social media WordPress plugin – there are many available. both free and pro (paid) versions of social media plugins exist. It is important you provide an opportunity for people to share your blog posts via social media.

Contact Form – Always important to have a contact/enquiry form that people can use to get in touch should they have any questions. Especially important for business owners.

Sitemap Generator – A sitemap lets the search engines know what kind of content is included on your WordPress website. It is important you install a sitemap plugin because it will help ensure your content is added to the search engines quickly.

Viper Video WordPress plugin – This plugin will let you add video to your blog posts and pages. You can set the default size of the video under settings but you can also add a size when you go to add one, in case you want it to be larger or smaller than the default. WordPress 4.0 made it easier to add video, all you do is add a link and the video appears but controlling the size can be tricky, so using a plugin is still a good idea.

Those are five important WordPress plugins I add to a WordPress website I have designed or re-designed. There are so many more depending on your business and your industry.