One of the great things that comes from being focused and knowing the community I serve (aka my target market) is that I also know which products I will and won’t buy and which business I will say YES to and the work I will refuse.
When you know your value, who you are and who you serve it is impossible to say yes to work that doesn’t excite you! I have been in situations where I have said yes with the mindset of “well, its money isn’t it!” but I gave that up years ago and made the decision to never look back.

Yes I could go back to running team building training and working on freelance projects in the voluntary sector. I have spent so many years doing that I can do it with my eyes closed, but it is no longer part of who I am or what I do. I gave that up and moved on to coaching and the internet back in 2005.
What I did then was focus all my time on building my business and not teaching (much) but it is funny how when something is a natural part of who you are you can never give it up. Like the musician who gives up music because they need to get a “real job” the calling will forever be inside them, it will never go away. This is when you trulyk now what your life path is because your higher self is calling out to you every day.

My calling is writing and teaching. I am a natural teacher. I have moved away from it a number of times but I always come back to it. I am here to empower and to teach and the end of 2009 and all of 2010 and beyond will see me embrace that and share what I know.

It’s amazing how much you can find out about yourself by hanging out with people you regard as the “experts” in your niche and I really encourage you to do that. If there are people you look up to go spend some time with them in whatever way you can. Not buying their products but actually working for them, or helping them out voluntarily. What you will find is that you probably know as much as they do or are at least “on their level” it just becomes necessary to believe that yourself.

So the question then becomes if I know as much as the people I look up to why am I not in their position?

When you are willing to ask yourself that question right there is where your journey to the next level begins.

Always remember when you spend time looking at who you are, your purpose for being here and who you serve you will always find it real easy to say yes to work and turn down other work. It is a case of having enough faith in yourself to stand strong during the difficult times knowing that you are destined for great things.