I have spoken to, met, mentored and had skype conversations with people around the world – many of them desperate to use the internet to generate an income, and so many of them unsuccessfully trying.  This week I wondered  – when is it time to give up trying to make it in the online marketing world?

Some people will say never give up trying – that we should just keep on pushing through until success comes our way and many people are working that right now. Day after day, week after week they sit for hours desperately trying to master this mountain called online marketing that so many other people have made look easy.

Well for those of you desperately trying without success having maxed out a couple of credit cards I have the answer that will finally bring you relief and here it is (drumroll please…) – stop trying and give up.

Seriously, I mean it. If you have been trying to succeed with online marketing for longer than two years without success then I want you to stop trying and give up….

Firstly,  stop trying. Either you are doing this or you are not and if you are you better have a solid plan in place of what you want to achieve. I understand when you are new you may not know what you want to do but even that is easy to overcome. Pick one and stick to it or let me recommend one for you – blogging selling affiliate marketing products – you can’t beat it for regular income!

If you think you can “try” to do anything and succeed you are fooling yourself. Step up and set your intention to make this happen. Make a commitment to ONE THING and stick to it until it makes you money.

Then Give Up

Give up all the crap you have been doing. All that time spent on visiting Facebook and leaving your link on every group you can find.  No one cares … seriously, they really don’t.
Give up spending all your time reading your email, watching videos on video sites and chatting on some forum because you love being there. Stop the non making, time sucking, energy draining activities that will kill your day and get you no place fast.

online marketing successGive up believing you are NOT running a business because you are – and with that business comes all the responsibilities of a business owner including having a plan of what you want to achieve by when, how and with whom!

Give up buying a product and then when you don’t get the results you want blaming the PRODUCT! It isn’t the product, or your messy desk, or your slow computer – it is YOU! Face up to the fact that it is highly likely that you are your own worse saboteur and work on getting over that by focusing on what you are meant to be learning.

Now does that mean there isn’t bad products out there – of course not because there are but if you read my wonder woman blog post you will have gone through and deleted all the rubbish from your inbox and only be left with people who are actually helping you and teaching you something.

Chances are if someone is willing to do that they are one of the good guys so stick with them.

If you have been unsuccessful at online marketing and you have been trying for years I would bet money on the fact that you are buying loads of products and not sticking to one thing. I talk as the voice of experience – this isn’t judgement on my part it’s wanting to help you avoid the very expensive mistakes I made.

Money came my way from online marketing when I stopped, when I focused, and when I decided on what I truly value and wanted to focus on. If you are frustrated and confused right now I wish you the same clarity. It comes from giving up, looking at what you are doing, making a commitment to stop trying and to really succeed at this online marketing thing once and for all.