A client wanted me to look over how they were doing when it comes to writing a blog post because she wasn’t sure what to include.
It didn’t quite flow and when I asked her whether she had written it herself she said she hadn’t, she had simply found different paragraphs from different blogs and websites and put them together.

I had to let her know that taking content (including images) from the web and simply adding them to your site was really unacceptable.
You lose the unique factor of what has been written to begin with because none of it is your own work
When writing a blog post you really need to ensure you add content that is factually relevant and the only way to do that is to research yourself and write it.
Plus it is just plain wrong.

Some bloggers can spend hours, if not days, writing a blog post so to come along and simply swipe what they have written is just not ethical.
The thing is she hadn’t seen anything wrong with it and hadn’t realised how it wasn’t a great way to write content.
True, if you are crediting the source by linking back to the site you got the information from, then that is very different and there is nothing wrong with that. Content curation is the art of being able to bring together useful information from different sites and writing a blog post that includes them all, however you must link back to the source and include the authors name/blog.

Ultimately, the best way to learn how to write a blog post for your business blog is to use the expertise you already have, use your knowledge and break it down in a way that your potential customers will find useful and helpful. Then you will always have something to write about and include on your blog.
My next WordPress workshop is on creating written content (aka writing a blog post) so if this is something you struggle with come along to my final 2014 workshop in Luton, Bedfordshire.