Blog comments have become a well known link building technique. You find a blog on a relevant topic and leave a comment on it. If the blog has a lot of readers it can bring visitors back to your blog and if it hasn’t it serves as a link from that blog to you – but which blog comments should you say yes to on your business blog?
I always look for blog comments that
1. Add meaning to whatever I have written about. Either they agree or disagree, give their own point of view or add something to the conversation
2. Are written to be helpful rather than promote their own agenda
3. Reply to current comments in a constructive way
What you will find are standard comments that are used across all blogs and add no value and sometimes have no meaning to what you have written
(see image below)
uk business blog, blog comments
Then you will find those who promote a similar or the same product and they are hoping to get some of your visitors over to their blog.
uk business blog, blog comments
Watch out for their website
It will help if you take the time to visit the potential website that will be linking to you because the last thing you need is to find a site with porn on it or something that you do not want associating your web presence.
Google also penalise you if you link to sites that they view as “unworthy” and mark your site down. A few months ago I had a blog post almost disappear from the search engines after a couple of spam sites linked to it. Once I removed them (unfortunately their comments had been automatically allowed) the blog post was back ranking for my keyword.
Authorise your comments
The easiest way to manage what does and does not appear on your blog is to set your blog to automatically save them for authorisation. That way you only allow comments that you want to go through.
On your blog is automatically set to save comments to be authorised by you. Sometimes there will be people who just want to tell you that your blog is great or a blog post was great but on the whole these are usually indications of standard blog posts being sent out for link building purposes.
Even if I want to tell someone I thought their blog post was great I will at least tell them what I liked about it.  But blog comments like the one below mean very little to me and end up being deleted or in my spam box!
uk business blog, blog comments
Blog comments are a great way to engage with your readers so turning them off is not advised. You find blogs with thousands of visitors a day may eventually turn them off but if your aim is to build a relationship with your readers then you want to leave them on so they can contribute.
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