At some point you will be done with writing your ebook and your thoughts will turn to how you sell ebooks because that is after all the whole point of writing it.  If you are writing an ebook with the intention of giving it away for free then this isn’t applicable to you – but if your aim is to sell ebooks and earn an income then you need to find an easy way to get them online.
Having your own business ecommerce store is the simplest way to make this happen and through you not only get your own business blog but your blog includes an ecommerce store that will let you promote your products and sell ebooks.

Other ways you can sell ebooks online

Set up a one page website with a sales page promoting your ebook then simply add a Paypal button. When you set up your Paypal button (full instructions on how to do that are inside Paypal) it will ask you where you want people to go after they have paid. That is where you enter the place of your ebook download. It is not secure enough to simply set up any page because they will be able to pass it on to friends and you lose out on money (sometimes people will do that anyway – occupational hazard!) so you want the page to be secure.

If you have a blog you can set up a password protected page and send the password in their confirmation email after they buy. When they receive the email thanking them for their order you also include details on how to download the ebook and any password you have set up to protect it.

There is also software you can use like Smartdd – you set this software up on your hosting and after you sell your ebook they are sent an encrypted link that will let them download the book a limited number of times as set by you.

However you decide to sell ebooks for your local business you want to make sure it is safe and most importantly it all happens automatically without you having to do anything, from payment through to deliver you want people to be able to buy and download your ebooks without you having to be there.

If you are a local business looking to set up a blog and/or eCommerce store so you can sell ebooks take a look at our WordPress Installation Service and if you have any questions you can complete our enquiry form and someone will get back to you.