WordPress 4.0 launched yesterday and as millions of business owners use it as their content management system of choice it is worth knowing what has changed.
As always you can upgrade with one click and after backing everything up (just to be sure). Backup the database and export all your content so you have it should anything go wrong.

What’s new
There is a definite change to images, now the media area comes up with the image (rather than the link in the old version) and you can click on an image to update information like the alt text, which is a lot easier than before.

You can also embed media like videos easier just by using adding the url into your blog post. I guess that will eliminate the need for a plugin to do it for us.
Watch all your plugins and make sure you keep them up to date because sometimes a new upgrade of WordPress means things stop working.

WordPress rules
Did you know that WordPress is the choice of 23.0% of all websites, giving it a content management system share of 60.7%, way ahead of Joomla who is in second place with 8% and Blogger 2.9%
Source: w3techs.com