So you are finally ready to start writing your ebook chapters and you need to start thinking about what to write.  If you are stuck you can outsource the writing of your eBook to other people like ghost writers but the easiest way to create it is to sit down and write it yourself because

a. you already have the knowledge

b. you are already an expert

c. it will have your ‘voice’ in it
If you go ahead and get one written for you, you may find that you change so much of it because it doesn’t read the way that you want it to that you may as well write it yourself!

We are talking about a 10-15 page booklet and if you include a couple of images it can be real easy to write that out.

Another way to create an eBook is to write it with other experts. If you are a personal trainer why not get together with a massage therapist and a nutritionist and write about health and nutrition focusing on how wellbeing comes about when you exercise, eat healthy and take care of your body.

By getting together with other people it also means all three of you are promoting the eBook rather than just one person.

My very first free eBook was written by getting together with 5 other people and we all offered our own unique voice on how to make money online.

Interview experts to help create your eBook

When creating your eBook your first priority is to brand you as the expert but you might also want to consider interviewing people who are related to your topic to provide you with more content. Send them five or six questions to answer and ask for their opinion. It is polite to mention their website and let them write a short bio as well.

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