I believe that when you start a blog you have to treat it like a business – in order to succeed you have to make your blog part of your business toolbox.  It isn’t the blog itself that makes you money but the content that you include. That content can get you found online, it can bring in consulting and coaching work, it can sell affiliate products for you or your own products.

Your blog therefore becomes part of your business toolbox not the complete business. I read a post over at ChrisG’s blog

How I Use My Blog as a Fulcrum and You Can Too

Most of you will already be aware that my approach is indirect monetization, making money because I blog rather than from it necessarily. I make money more “business to business”, sharing my knowledge and experience to grow an audience of people who know like and trust me. I call it “Authority Blogging“. Darren is pretty much the poster child for the other kind of blog income, direct monetization, but as you will see if you check out his more recent income reports, even though he still makes a significant amount of profit from things like Adsense, his approaches to making an income are becoming more and more indirect.

Source : http://www.chrisg.com/fulcrum/

Chris makes his income from his skills and is very much like me – he enjoys the consulting/coaching side of his business and doesn’t want to give it up, despite the fact that he can make just as much money (if not more) from selling information products only.

Your blog becomes part of your business toolbox and it doesn’t have to be the only way. Most well known bloggers also speak at events or run workshops, they use other ways to build their presence because it is never good to only rely on one tool!

When it comes to blogging you may want to start off just writing blog posts to sell affiliate products and I have no doubt that can work over time – but if you already have a skill, if you are a professional or you run your own business you will find it a lot easier to supplement your income by blogging about what you do and selling your services using your blog. This is because:

  • You won’t have to start from the beginning – if you are already an expert in a field you have authority and presence. You just need to translate that through your blog and out on to the internet.
  • You know your topic. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry out keyword research because you really need to make sure there is viability in what you want to blog about but at least when it comes to content you won’t struggle as much with “what should I say” and content development nightmares that plague some bloggers.
  • You can build your audience quicker. Again, as an expert you will already know people within your field and you can direct them to your blog and encourage them to become readers and leave comments.

When you choose to start a blog in a new niche these are all things you have to spend time developing – your authority in that niche, your knowledge of the topic and your audience/readers for your blog.  It is easier for me to talk about personal growth and confidence because I am a trained life coach and have been since 2003. I have worked with women and teenage girls in the area of confidence and mindset  development.

I consider myself an intermediate expert in the field of blogging because I have been blogging and making money with a blog since 2006.  When I hit the six figure income a year I will consider myself an authoritative expert as long as people still enjoy the support I provide.

I started blogging in the field of weight loss and health and I struggle with it – I use my own personal stories of weight loss which helps (when its going down!) but people won’t listen to me as an authority like they will someone who is a trained nutritionist or a personal trainer. I manage to sell affiliate products based on one in particular I am using but it would take years of continued weight loss and reporting back to really build a full time income from doing this.

Your blog and your business toolbox are one of the same. Your blog can help move you towards your goals when you spend time planning out the purpose of it being there. There is a lot a blog can do for you but you need to first decide what that will be if it is going to work out.