If you have been thinking about setting up a WordPress blog we definitely recommend it. Not only because it is what we do (:) ) but because the search engines love them.
You will find your WordPress blog will rank well in the search engines as long as you take a little time to optimise it. It is the best way of helping you bring in business online.
We have become a very internet based culture in the last few years and once mobile phones gave us access to the internet everyone has gone online crazy.
From playing games to paying bills, watching videos to connecting with family and friends around the world the internet is the main source of all that activity.
Starting a WordPress blog that offers practical solutions for its potential customers can become a really great way to bring in business and get noticed online (a joint first is distributing video in my experience).
By tapping into what Is happening locally you also give your business an opportunity to be found for local news that is happening in your area.
If you open your local paper and look for job opportunities and business adverts you will find it is a lot thinner than it used to be because of the increase in online digital display and advertising.
If I want to find a local business now I don’t go hunting round for my phonebook and looking through that – I search the web for appropriate business owners and then I take a look at what other people are saying about them.

WordPress blog free reports

Use free reports to encourage new visitors to sign up

That’s my preferred way and the more information that business owner can provide the more chance of me picking up the phone and calling them.
This is why your local business blog has to provide more than just words. Your blog content is a great start and you really need to focus on getting that right.
The other thing to do is to offer a free downloadable report
10 things to look out for when choosing a kennel for your pet” or
Teeth whitening information you need to read BEFORE getting your teeth whitened
These types of things help you stand out from the crowd.
Add video to that, even short tips on video, and you have a winning digital marketing combination to help you build a powerful online presence that will help you attract new business.
Spend some time searching local blogs and/or websites in your area – most of them are very basic and lacking that “attraction factor” that attracts the attention of potential customers.
By learning how to develop a business blog that represents what your business does and the solutions you provide you become a much more attractive alternative. Especially if you are connected to social media accounts too.
Search engines love local WordPress blogs
A WordPress blog that is updated on a regular basis (twice a week MINIMUM) and that follows basic search engine optimisation (SEO) rules like using categories and tags to structure your blog, is well liked by the search engines.
Any extra participation on your domain like running an online community or encouraging people to comment and that all adds up to more attention from them. A new business blog needs the search engines.
You need to be able to write in such a way that let’s them know who it is you are looking to attract so when that person sits down and search for you the search engines can do their job and bring the two of you together.
Without a proper SEO structure of your blog posts the search engines will struggle to help match you with the person searching.
There are other basic things you can do that also help like mentioning your local area in your blog post and adding your local address to your blog page just to help that connection happen.
It really doesn’t matter how small your local business is – even if you are a corner shop in Bedfordshire – you can use your business blog to remind local people of what’s on offer from your business while also providing informative content they can use.
All of this leads to more visitors (happy people tell their friends) who become leads that you can then build a relationship with and turn into customers.
Our digital marketing services have been a great help for local business owners in Bedfordshire so contact us if you are looking to get started and need help.