Your website comes with a WordPress blog and you will be able to use it for sharing information and your expertise.

Another great use of your blog is to add information to your website. I have kept the words on the website itself brief. People don’t usually want to scroll through loads and loads of words. However, sometimes more information is necessary and that is when you can use your blog.

As an example I have a blog post called Website Hosting Explained. I have added a link to that post on my Services page. It mentions that you receive free hosting for the first 12 months and then says if you want to know what hosting is read this article. That is much better than writing up loads of text on the web page and expecting people to read it.

I created a particular category called DIGITALLYCONNECTED and under that category are all articles relating to this website so if someone looked at that particular category they would see a number of blog articles that go into explaining more about the services offered by my business.

When you send over your website text to me you might realise there are places where you will need to connect to a blog post with more information. Just let me know that and I will add them both to your site because as well as setting up your WordPress website I will also add a few blog posts for you.

Adding Blog Posts For You

I will add up to four blog posts for you so that your blog page does not look empty.

Each blog post must be a maximum of 500 words and should include an image.

You might want to think about writing blog posts that can be linked back to your website to provide people with more information. It is always the best way to use your business blog. Rather than adding a ton of words on the website you can simply link to a blog post. That keeps your website nice and simple.

Zen and simplicity on your website.

Just add all four blog posts into a Word or Google Docs document and send it over to me, Attach the images in an email because that makes them easier to download and the quality remains the same.

I will add a category for you using your business name. Just like the Digitally Connected category that is on here.