The number one outcome of many small business owners who want a WordPress Website set up is to attract new customers and/or followers.

I also encourage them to use their online profile to stay in touch with existing customers for repeat business – which is actually more cost effective.

However, your WordPress website will attract more than just customers if you get your search engine optimisation right. Nothing major, just being able to “name” your blog with the right keywords can help you get noticed. Plus adding content to your blog.

Having worked with clients since 2007 one consistent thing that happens is they are found by magazines and newspapers looking for tips/advice from an expert.

If your blog is regularly updated it is easy for them to see just how much of an expert your are in your field. This is how you become an influencer of not just potential customers but also any agency looking for quotes or someone to write an article.

In the past my clients have told me about the newspapers and magazines who have got in touch including the BBC, Drive time radio shows, broadsheet newspapers.

If you are a local business you will also want local newspapers and magazines to find you because this is more beneficial for your business if it relies on local customers.

This is what local search marketing is all about – local people searching within a local area – only this time it is not just people but local media.
Is it time to get your local business online so you can take advantage of the local search marketing opportunities available to you? If you need help I provide a WordPress website installation service that provides great support and will help you build your visibility and status online.